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FREE SUBSCRIPTION for Personalized Website and Customer Newsletter for ALL new Creative Partners from the day you enroll through your third full month of business!

When purchasing your Starter Kit, this subscription is complimentary for three (3) full months.

For Example:  If you enrolled on August 15th, you get the remainder of August, all of September, October and November complimentary.

You are also automatically set-up for your payment of the subscription to begin on the 1st day of your fourth month at a monthly rate of $19.99.

Note: If you decide you do not want to continue with the subscription after the three (3) full months of the FREE benefit, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the 1st day of your fourth (4) full month of business. Processed subscription fees are non-refundable.

To continue your subscription, do nothing as it will automatically charge the credit card you submitted for payment during enrollment. If you decide to cancel, simply go to the 'Toolbox' icon in iOffice then select 'Subscriptions' and click 'Cancel.' You will then be asked to confirm the cancellation. You may cancel at any time. Again, once payment is processed for the month, refunds are not given.

WANT MORE? As part of our SmartStart program, you can earn an additional three (3) months of the Personalized Website and Customer Newsletter subscription for months 5, 6 and 7 for FREE. For the system to process this benefit, your enrollment subscription must remain intact as a paid subscription for your fourth month of business.

For example: You receive months 1-3 free, pay for month 4, and earn months 5-7 free. This nuance is due to the timing of the subscriptions and our internal audit/bonus run processing.

Benefits of the Replicated Website:

    • Online Ordering 24/7.
    • E-Invitations for your Hostesses.
    • Online Event Management.
    • Contact Me links that direct all online traffic back to you.
    • Marketing tools that are company maintained. You simply update your 'About Me' page.
    • Photo and contact information in your control.
    • Share your story on the 'About Me' page and inspire others.
    • Used in conjunction with Initials, Inc. App.

Benefits of the Customer Newsletter:

    • Sent to your entire contact base twice each month.
    • Contact Me links directing all online traffic back to you.

Guidelines: The Personalized Website and Customer Newsletter subscription is an excellent tool designed to help build your business. When maintaining a Personalized Website and Customer Newsletter subscription the following guidelines must be followed: 

    1. Be professional as it reflects your business.
    2. Initials, Inc. requires individuals to be fully clothed in all photos.
    3. Legal behavior is required.
    4. Initials, Inc. reserves the right to pull any photograph deemed inappropriate.
    5. Initials, Inc. reserves the right to use your uploaded photo for marketing or recognition purposes.

You may purchase or cancel your Personalized Website and Customer Newsletter subscription at any time through the 'Toolbox' icon from your iOffice. Select Subscriptions link to add or make edits to your existing subscription.

Your Personalized Website can be located by selecting the Name you have chosen or by your Creative Partner ID.

For example: Sue Tester - Creative Partner ID 1001 has purchased a replicated site and has selected Sue as her URL name. It can be located by going to either of the following two addresses: or


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