Direct Ship Party Orders - Now process Independent of the Party order

Beginning Oct 3, 2017, when a customer shops in a Party Event on your Initials, Inc. website and chooses to have their order shipped to themselves rather than the hostess, their order will be processed and shipped out independent of the party order. It will no longer be held until the Party is submitted. The order will still count towards the Hostess Rewards and Party Minimums. This feature is only for customers shopping within a Party Event on your website.

The order type will be listed as direct ship – party order and will show in your order history tab as an independent order. You will also see it in your party order as read only direct ship and it will be highlighted in yellow for reference. 

The hostess plan base amount will reflect the total for both direct ship and ship to host orders. This amount ($250+) determines qualification as a party and the hostess rewards available for redemption.

The commissionable/qualifying volume for the direct ship will not be reflected in the party order. The commission will be paid on this direct ship order in accordance with standard schedule. It is possible for commission from the direct ship order to be paid in a different week/month than the commission for the balance of the party order.

Party count metrics for an incentive or smart start program will be applied per the submission date of the actual party order.

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