Digital CEO Training

Digital Ceo Training
Before you promote yourself online, make sure you customize and update your Initials, Inc. website. Log on to iOffice and update your site today!

Need help setting up your personal website?

Create and customize your Facebook Business Page. 

Need guidance in creating and customizing your Facebook page?

Post your Why video to your new Facebook page and share it to your personal page.

Here are some tips and tricks for shooting your video:
  • Be Real - No special lighting required. Don't worry about the dog's bark or your children's giggles. Your viewers want to relate to you.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet - Your video should be no more than 20 seconds. Don't give yourself time to stumble, just focus on Why you are an Initials, Inc Creative Partner, what does it mean for you and your loved ones? What do you love about it?
  • Retakes are Okay - This is not a live video, you can retake it. Have someone else video it or do it selfie stlye, whatever you are comfortable with. Maybe you'll even get some good bloopers to share later. There is no wrong way to do this.
  • Know your Audience - Or rather, your audience may not know you, so make sure you introduce yourself, somethinkg like "Hi, I'm your name here and I joined the Initials, Inc. team because..." or "I'm your name here and I want to tell you why I LOVE what I do..."
  • Have Fun! - Think about the videos you enjoy watching. Is the speaker smiling, are they funny, do they take themselves too seriously? This should be a fun exercise, and will often your initial introduction to a visitor, use this short video to help them relate to you.

After you are happy with your video, post it to your Facebook page by select 'Share a photo or video' and uploading it from your phone. After it is uploaded, Share it to your personal profile by selecting Share underneath your video post. A popup will appear and from the top dropdown you can select "Share on Your Timeline". You can even add a custom message above your video to introduct your Facebook friends to your new Initial, Inc. business page.
Use Hashtags when you post. At the end of your social media messages, enter at least two relevant hashtags to increase your chances of appearing in internet search results.

What is a #Hashtag? Use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in your Facebook post to categorize it AND help visitors find you more easily when using the Facebook search function. Hint: Don't use spaces in your hashtag, either leave it as one long combined word (see examples below) or you can use the underscore (_) to separate words.

We have compiled a list of Hashtags you may want to use, BUT only use 2 (TWO) hashtags in your Facebook post. You can use additional hashtags on other social media platforms. Do not put spaces in between words in your hashtag, use either #ilovebags or #i_love_bags, not #I love bags.

Here are some hashtag ideas, but feel free to come up with your own:
#initialsinc #mybusiness #workfromhome #partyallthetime #fashionismypassion #aquafamily #purse #tote #backpack #mybag #passionandpurpose #makemoneynow #worktoday #socialseller #cometomyparty #cantlivewithoutit #wallet #preciousitems #contentsofmybag

Visit SOCIAL KIOSK to find professionally produced images and photographs you can use to promote your business. 

Initials, Inc. provides social media posts, customized invitations and fun images to use. Social Kiosk is where you can grab professional graphics and images to use when marketing your business. You can even edit many of them to add your contact information and web address, making it easy for shoppers to find you. 

Hint: Product images are at the bottom, so scroll through and see what other professional graphics are available for your use.

BONUS: Include a SHOP link when you post images online. A SHOP link looks like this: CP ID#/shop/PRODUCTDETAIL.aspx?prod=PRODUCT SKU. The easiest way to find it (and be sure it is correct) is to go to the product page on your website and copy the web address.

Before you jump into marketing your business on Facebook, make sure you know the tips and tricks to do it successfully.

Watch Karen Clark's Training titled "Facebook Do’s and Don’ts."

It's important to be real when you market your business online, taking great photos is a big part that. Use these tips to take great pics.

Some photo tips:
  • Check your lighting, avoid shadows.
  • Smile like you mean it!
  • Be mindful of your background.
  • Don’t overthink it.
Invite your friends to like the social media accounts you have set up to market your business.

To invite friends to like your Facebook page:

Log on to Facebook and go to your Facebook Business Page. Most likely you will see some Page Tips provided by Facebook to help you get the most our of your page. It will probably look like this:
Select the option to Invite friends to see a pop up like this one with a list of your friends below it:

Write a custom invite by clicking on the tiny piece of paper on the right hand side of the Search My Friends bar at the top. Now choose your friends who might be interested in shopping with you (especially with the holiday season coming up,) those who have shopped with you before and even those who may not know exactly what you do.

This is an invitation, you are not automatically adding them to a group. They must take action to join your page and see your posts. This is the best way to get an audience who WANTS to hear from you.

It is definitely okay to invite your Aqua Family and to like your Aqua Sisters pages. This is a GREAT way to support each other.
Set up your Instagram business account.

Instagram is an ideal place to share your business and beautiful products.

Use this HOW TO SETUP AND USE INSTAGRAM TUTORIAL to set up your Instagram business account. 

It is important to note, that unlike the recommended 2 hashtags with Facebook posts, Instagram lets you use up to 30 and you should use all that are applicable when posting. The more varied your hashtags, the more widespread your audience. Be creative with your Hashtags.

You can connect your Instagram account and Facebook business page.

Share Shopportunities - either Hostess or Customer, and invite your visitors to book a party.

Every month Initials, Inc. Home Office uploads new content to Social Kiosk for you to share. You always have a preview of the next month’s specials so you can use them to pre-book the next month’s parties.

This is a great way to reach out to new and pre-existing customers with new specials. Use your social media outlets to let your customers know what is coming!
Host a virtual party.

Watch Karen Clark's training on how to set up and manage your online parties here:


If you do not have a hostess lined up, you have a couple of options. You can host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a good cause (Breast Cancer Awareness month begins this weekend.) Or you can do create a Mystery Hostess Contest within your party where all shoppers have the opporotundity to get the Hostess Rewards based on a drawing. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: When you draw for mystery hostess, you must not change the shipping address of the party because that can adversely affect the previously placed party orders shipping costs. Contact CP Support or your upline for clarification on hosting a party with a Mystery Hostess!
Describe a product from the current Initials, Inc catalog, get creative with your description. The first one to guess correctly, wins a prize from you!

You can use a Initals, Inc. product or offer something simple like a candy bar or other incentive to shop with you. Online contests are a great way to engage new people because, let's face it, everyone wants something for FREE! Get creative and let us know how it goes!
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