Does your website have a security certificate?

Our website, replicated website and shopping cart are secure. We are using a 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect data from interception during transmission in areas of our website, replicated websites, and shopping cart that transmit secure data. When entering th eSSL encrypted areas you will see the website change from HTTP to HTTPS and some browsers will inform you that you are in a SSL area by showing a lock or key in the security report area of your browser window (often at the bottom or at the top). However, there are 14 links or references on the bottom of the site to other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DSA, and Direct Selling 411 that do not have SSLs. As long as we have these references in the secure area of our site, it will not display as secure and will continue to offer the user a warning. However, our site is safe and secure.
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