Insight Council

Insight Council is a phenomenal group of women comprised of the 10 highest-ranked Creative Partners who meet with the CEO and other key staff throughout the year to provide insight into a variety of field and company related initiatives, incentives, promotions (i.e., monthly, annual iRewards), iCare Foundation, training topics and more. Each fall the Insight Council convenes in Atlanta, Georgia and each spring they visit the Initials, Inc. Home Office in Clarkesville, Georgia.


Maggie Benevento, Creative Director (Delaware)

Rosemary Reo, Creative Director (New York)

Merry Lynn Guy, Creative Director (Texas)

Kari Fitzgerald, Senior Creative Director (Michigan)

Ruthann Szente, Creative Director (Ohio)

Cindy Smith, Creative Director (Tennessee)

Aimee Armstrong, Executive Creative Director (South Carolina)

Joy Pratt, Senior Executive Creative Director (Michigan)

Christa Rubino, Seinor Creative Director (New Jersey)

Kim Briese, Creative Director (Missouri)

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