Active status

A new Creative Partner is considered Active upon enrolling as a Creative Partner. A new Creative Partner remains active during his/her partial enrollment month plus the first 3 full months of business. A new Creative Partner who does not sell a minimum of $250 during the first 3 full months of business will move to Inactive status on the first day of the 4th month of business.

For established Creative Partners, regardless of rank, $250 in sales must be submitted each rolling quarter, the current month plus the past two months, to remain on active status.

At the beginning of each month, the system determines if the CP is Active or Inactive moving into the new month. All CPs follow a rolling quarter to determine Active status. A rolling quarter consists of the current month plus the 2 previous months.

For example, in December, your total sales for December, November, and October will be added together. If the total sales meet or exceed $250, you are considered to be Active Status.

See section 11.1 of Policy & Procedures document.



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