FAQ for Party Order Under $250

What is the requirement for a party order?

Parties that do not reach the $250 level (non-qualifying party) can be submitted but the hostess will not earn Hostess Rewards including free shipping.


Will my hostess have free shipping?

A party has to be $250 or more for the hostess to earn free shipping. 


What will be the charge for shipping for a hostess with a party that is less than $250?

The shipping rates will be the same as an individual order.


Can a previous hostess still receive a previous hostess reward if the booked party has a total than less $250?

The party must reach $250 to be considered a qualifying party. 


If a hostess books a party and the current party is less than $250, will the hostess be able to utilize a previous hostess reward for another party?

No, a previous hostess must have had a qualifying party of $250 or more.


How will guests of a party that is not a qualifying party of $250 or more be charged for shipping?

The shipping rates for the guest will be the same as an individual order.

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