How do I order the previous Hostess Special?

A Booking ID is a unique identifier that links a party (and current Hostess) to a previous party (and Previous Hostess) from which it was booked. The Booking ID is created during the party entry process when you enter each guest's information. You will simply indicate that a party was booked by the guest and provide the booking date.

The Booking ID enables the previous hostess to purchase the qualifying Hostess Special at the parties booked from her party when they are held within two months of the original party. To find a Booking ID you have previously created, you can select the Lookup a Booking link on the Hostess Information screen. It is very important to enter the previous Hostess's name exactly as it was entered originally. When the Booking ID recognizes the previous Hostess's name, the words, 'Previous Hostess' will show beside her name. Then you will select the Previous Hostess Special in the drop-down to add the item to the order.

Booking IDs are valid for 60 days from the date the original Party Order was submitted.

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