How do I place a tax exempt order?

Please note that only orders placed by the tax exempt entity will qualify for tax exemption. Before the tax adjustment can be made, payment for the order must be rendered in one of the following ways:

  1. Credit Card in the name of the tax exempt entity, OR
  2. Check from the tax exempt entity made out to the Representative.

If a Representative sells to a tax-exempt entity, Initials, Inc. requires the Representative to enter the entire order into the system. The customer name on the order must match the name of the tax exempt entity. 

Be sure to calculate and enter the payment amount with the sales tax removed. DO NOT submit the order.

Contact Support Team prepared to supply copies of the following:

  • The sales tax exemption certificate (either a certificate, or a copy of the 10 card)
  • If applicable, copy of check from tax exempt entity to the Representative or a photo of the credit card with only last 4 digits showing for verification of name.

Once these are received, your request will be escalated to our Financial Team for review and approval. This type of request will be completed within two (2) business days of receipt. Upon approval, the Support Team will adjust the tax through the iOffice and submit the order for you. 

The required documentation can be submitted by email attachment to or attaching to CPRT.  

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