How does weekly pay work?

Simply submit orders Monday-Sunday of each week, and your base commission will be processed the following Friday, once $62.50 or more in base commissions is earned. Remember, it may take up to two business days for the funds to become available in your bank account, depending on your banking institution practices. All commissions not previously paid, as well as overrides and bonuses, will be paid on the 15th of the following month. Here are a couple of examples to help explain the process.

EXAMPLE 1: Sarah submits a $652 PSV party on Thursday. The earning week ends on Sunday night. Sarah's commission for this party will be processed on the following Friday. Since the $163 meets the $62.50 minimum it will be deposited into her account  and she will see it by Tuesday.

EXAMPLE 2: Sarah submits a $150 PSV order on Thursday, from which she earns $37.50 in base commission.The earning week ends on Sunday night.This amount falls below the $62.50 minimum, therefore Sarah will NOT receive her commission on the following Friday. Sarah then submits a $556 party on Monday, from which she earns $139 in base commission. Sarah's total commission is now $176.50, and will be processed on the following Friday. Her base commissions now exceed the $62.50 minimum.

Unpaid commission that rolls until the end of the month and does not meet the $62.50 minimum will be paid out with monthly bonus/override on the 15th of following month.

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