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February 1, 2018 our new Preferred Shopper status was rolled out here at Initials, Inc.! A Preferred Shopper is a status that has been created for our previous Creative Partners that have then gone Inactive and then have ultimately chosen to not continue on with their business as a Creative Partner. In the past following 3 months of Active status without $250 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) in their rolling quarter and then another 3 months of Inactive status without $250 in PSV in their rolling quarter we have terminated these Creative Partners canceling this affiliation with Initials, Inc. In reviewing this monthly process we decided that this did not align with who we were as a company, nor feel good to the Creative Partner that once chose us as their business opportunity of choice. On February 1, 2018 all July 2017 – January 2018 Creative Partners that were slated to be terminated (and have not been) were moved to Preferred Shopper status. Every month thereafter Creative Partners that would have been slated to terminate will be moved to this status on or around the first of the month.

What does Preferred Shopper status mean?

Preferred Shoppers will:

  • Enjoy a 15% at point of purchase discount on all their purchases, they will not receive a commission as their 15% discount will be at the time of purchase.
  • Enjoy a private iOffice login to a limited version of iOffice for them to place their orders, they will no longer have a replicated website, access to the Creative Partner version of the Initials, Inc. Mobile App or be able to view iOffice as a Creative Partner.
  • Enjoy a continued connection to the company and accessibility to the products that they love.
  • Enjoy a continued connection to their upline staying in their current genealogy structure. (This allows the Preferred Shoppers to continue to hear all the fabulous things going on at Initials, Inc….and who knows, they just may hear/see something they like and decide to become a Creative Partner again! If they wish to become a Creative Partner again they can reinstate or re-enroll (depending on the length of time of their departure as an Active Creative Partner per our Policies & Procedures) with a simple phone call to Creative Partner Support.)


The upline to a Preferred Shopper will:

  • Enjoy overrides (just as you did when they were a Creative Partner) on their purchases, however these overrides will be calculated at their now 85% discounted rate, not at full retail price.
  • Enjoy keeping them in your downline structure just as they were as a Creative Partner - they will not move – they will simply change to a Preferred Shopper status.
  • Enjoy keeping them plugged in with all things Initials, Inc. so they can continue to stay connected with a company and product line they love…and possibly reengage as a Creative Partner again in the future!


A few things to note:

  • On or around the first of each month the new Preferred Shopper will receive an email from Initials, Inc. thanking them for their continued partnership and welcoming them to their new Preferred Shopper status with us.
  • There is no cost or sales minimum (at this time) to a Preferred Shopper.
  • You cannot enroll as a Preferred Shopper, this is a status (at this time) only for previous Creative Partners.
  • Preferred Shoppers will no longer have a downline or customers as any downline and customers will roll up at the time of their status change to Preferred Shopper.
  • Preferred Shopper sales will NOT count towards upline rank maintenance or rank advancement – their sales are not a part of your Team or Organizational volume requirements.
  • To view your list of Preferred Shoppers (following February 1, 2018) you will simply run a Downline report and filter on Preferred Shopper Rank.
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