How to download your Initials, Inc App?

The Initials, Inc. App downloads directly to your mobile device and allows you to easily share your personalized site, send push notifications, and run your business from the palm of your hand!

***Be sure your iOffice profile information is complete for the app download

For all CPs with valid website subscription & Customer Newsletter:

Access your iOffice, select TOOLBOX icon, then click the link My Profile & Website

Select Additional Information tab, enter your cell phone number in the Cell Phone field, click UPDATE PROFILE button at bottom

Select My Website Information tab, click PERSONALIZE, then scroll down to Display Option, select Show Cell Phone, Click Update Your Site at bottom.

Step 1: Watch the video above to see how to download and get started with YOUR Initials, Inc. App.

Step 2: After you click the "Create App" button below, you will see an auto-generated password and a link to download the app. This information will be sent to the email you have listed in your iOffice. Make sure you are clicking to download from your phone so you can download your app.

Step 3: Once your Initials, Inc. App is downloaded, use the email and password to log in to your Store Fronts Dashboard at You can change your password once you log in.

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